Scaling Your Team with Staff Augmentation

Scaling Your Team with Staff Augmentation

Software-based businesses can have the right talent in-house, but often they could have projects where they need to scale their teams since doing everything in-house may not suffice. Furthermore, conducting a hiring process can be a tedious thing altogether especially when there is a requirement only on a particular project. That’s when staff augmentation comes into picture, that helps you scale your team quickly and flexibly.

In this post, we’ll be taking you through everything about staff augmentation, its benefits and how to leverage staff augmentation services.

What is Staff augmentation?

Simply put, staff augmentation is a service that any business can avail in order to hire staff on a contractual basis or on a project-to-project basis, without the hassle of giving commitments of hiring them full-time. This provides businesses with the flexibility to add technically skilled resources to their workforce on a project-specific basis or as per their business goals.

This way organizations can find top-tier talent for a set time period without the need to lay them off.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  1. Cost saving– Since a lot of your effort gets saved from doing a traditional recruiting process, it naturally cuts down significant costs. This saves a business from paying full-time salary, employee training, and other office perks.
  2. Flexibility- Staff augmentation services provide flexibility to businesses to either scale up or down the team size as per the project requirement.
  3. Efficiency: Since these services let you augment staff with a specialized skill set, it increases efficiency and productivity of the team as a whole and helps in getting the tasks done faster. It also cuts down time for training the staff since they already hold expertise in their work.
  4. Wide Talent pool- Staff augmentation gives access to a wide talent pool. Which means you can hire staff from anywhere without any geographic constraints.

How to Implement an Effective Staff Augmentation Strategy

  1. Identify what resources or skills you need for your projects or business goals. For example, you might be needing a developer fluent in a specific programming language that any of your team members may not be proficient with.
  2. Choosing the right staff augmentation service provider who have skilled individuals and hold expertise in that niche. Also, look in for the range of services they provide.
  3. Once you have augmented a staff, they can integrate with your team seamlessly and start working on the project immediately without the requirement of any prior training.


Staff augmentation indeed is a quick, efficient, flexible, and cost-effective strategy to scale your team without any constraints. These services let businesses achieve project goals without any additional hassles.

At Intelliatech, we provide IT staff augmentation services to the clients who need support with their software development projects. We follow a very careful approach catering to our client’s needs. Our on-demand workforce is ready to support your software development needs and help you meet your IT staffing needs.

Contact us to know more about our staff augmentation services.

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